Internet Safety 101

Get educated!

Be careful what you post!

-Don't post any explicit picture.

-Don't say anything you wouldn't want a future employer, college, or parent to see.

-Don't post any personal info (address, SSN, your phone number).

Make sure you know who you're talking to.

-If a person only has only a little bit of followers or pictures then they might not be who the appear to be.

- If you see they have no friends or family members on their profile then you might not need to talk to them.

-if their pictures don't look realistic ten stay away from that account.

You know its a predator when...

-someone tries to isolate you from family.

-they try to turn you against your parents.

-Tries to get you to go somewhere alone with them.

-Send inappropriate material or explicit content.

Always remember that...

-you can be lied to.

-time doesn't equal trust.

-you may not know the truth about someone.