Anguilla Getaway!

Come to the Anguilla - Your Caribbean Hot Spot

Come see us. We have beach spots for relaxing, beach yoga classes, dream dinner dates, night waterfall scenes, and many more beautiful attractions! We have fresh lobster, West Indian food and continental fare. We have it all in Anguilla!

No need to set a day to see the reef, you are living on the reef! 30 meters off the coast of the island are diving areas where one can view the reef up close and personal to enjoy its vast beauty.

Anguilla Islands!

Friday, April 11th, 9pm


We're open all year, located in the West Carribbean!

Stay at Cap Jaluca!

This is our five star hotel located on the beach; enjoy a beautiful scene and amazing evenings with your family or significant other!

Important Pre-Requisites

In order to maintain great health be sure to receive vaccines for Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Tetanus and the regular travelers vaccines. Rabies is not common but can happen as there are many wild animals on the islands.