Signs of Bullying in Children and Adults

  • missing belongings
  • limited friends
  • unexplained injuries
  • can be physical, behavioral, or emotional
  • physical symptoms: headaches, stomachaches, dizziness, change in appetite
  • psychological symptoms: sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, irritability, and feeling isolated.

What Bullying Can Cause

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • overweight
  • underweight
  • self-harm

What causes children and adults to bully?

  • the need to feel in control
  • low tolerance for frustration
  • trouble empathizing


  • done through social media, texting, etc
  • victims are often bullied in person as well
  • everything can be anonymous

Cyberbully Victims

  • often skip school
  • have low self esteem
  • receive poor grades
  • unwilling to attend school

Workplace Bullying

  • threatening, humiliating, intimidating
  • sabotage, prevents work from getting done
  • verbal abuse
  • could resemble the experience of being a battered spouse