Welcome to Pennsylvania Colony

The best place where everyone is welcomed! & I mean everyone

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You would want to come here because...

  • Our produce is freshly grown with our very rich soil.
  • Our founder loves every religion and does not judge.
  • You can't deny out perfect weather!
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Interesting Facts

  • We have a prefect friendship with the Indians.
  • We are in between the New England and Southern Colonies and plus we own the beautiful Lake Erie.
  • This colony is blessed with natural resources like iron ore, coal, fresh produce and more.
  • Our purpose is to trade goods and make money.
  • The delicious flour is made from our freshly grown wheat.
  • We have other names for this colony which is the Province of Pennsylvania.
  • The colony accept immigrants from England, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, and Africa.
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Made by Dayanara Mayren & Jaswan Benjamin