Chesterbrook Academy of Bartlett

June 2016


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The Door Code Changed

Please see Ms. Ashley or Ms. Kathy for the new code.

School Age Summer Camp

Monday-Moore Sprayground 10am-1pm. Please bring swimsuits, towels and water shoes.

Tuesday-Bartlett Pool 12pm-3pm

Wednesday-Willowbrook Nature Center 9:15-12pm, Ackerman Park 12pm-2pm.

Thursday- Bartlett pool 12pm-3pm

Friday-Bubble Machine at Chesterbrook

Credit Card Changes

Our credit card system has changed. We are going to be using Easy Draft and unfortunately, they do charge a 2% fee on top of your payment. We realized this may be inconvenient for many of our families. We are offering alternative payments such as Automatic Withdrawl from checking or just using checks. If we did not receive a NEW credit card form, we can not continue to charge your credit card. You will have a balance forming on your account.


*Payments are due every Friday for the following week. Payments can be made by check, credit card or automatic with drawl from checking.

*The parking lot is one way. Please pull in and go to the right, then around. This helps keeps children and parents safe while dropping off and picking up. Please pass this information on to grandparents or anyone else who picks up.

*Please do not use the Handicapped spots at the front of the building unless you are authorized to use them. Some of our parents need to use them and can't when others are parked there.

Chesterbrook Academy will be closed Monday July 4th

New Tadpoles/Links 2 Home Communication

Dear Parents,

We are offering an exciting electronic communication program for parents called Links 2 Home. We know how much you have enjoyed the photo emails of your children that our teachers have been sending and now we will be able to share so much more with you. Starting May 9th, each of our classrooms will be equipped with an iPad Mini which will enable teachers to send a photo for each child each day. Parents of younger children who currently receive prinited daily reports will begin receiving them via email instead. Parents of older children will start receiving a daily learning update by email. You will begin receiving these additional emails the week of May 9th,. As a safety measure, the iPads are locked down, so the teachers do not have access to the Internet or other apps.

Please make sure all information we have is updated.

Links 2 Home is powered by Tadpoles, the leader in preschool communications, but is tailored to specifically tie with our Links to Learning Curriculum. Links 2 Home has a mobile app that you can download to get started. The app gives you the ability to easily view photos, notes and daily reports from teachers, as well the ability to easily notify us of special drop-off information or absences.

Download Links 2 Home at the App Store or Google Play Store and create an account using the email address that is on file with our school. Both parents are able to create accounts. Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback as we strive to continuously improve our communication with our families.

Water Play

Please bring in a swimsuit, towel and swim shoes for your child's water day.