MGRP Genre 4


February 15, 2017

I was watching the news today when I stumbled across something that peaked my interest: drone delivery. A delivery company has actually gotten permission from the Federal Aviation Admission (FAA) to send packages to people using drones… and they can have it at your door in less than an hour. How awesome is that? In the news, the anchorman interviewed the CEO of the delivery company and he said that since the FAA finally loosened the restrictions on airspace when it comes to drones and given special permission to their company, they are the first company in America with this delivery system. The CEO also touched on that since drones have a very limited flight time, they have scientists and engineers working to improve that aspect. “Delivery stations” have been proposed for the drones to get a new battery and act as a rest stop for them. I can’t wait for a station to be built near me so I can try this out for myself ("Amazon Testing Drones”).

June 12, 2017

They have finally announced the construction of a delivery station near me! They actually decided to call them “Drone stops.” So far all of the reviews I have heard about and seen have been excellent. Everyone using this new delivery system loves it and critics have been raving over it. I’m very surprised about how few faults in the system there are. There have been no crashes and the only bad reviews I saw were orders not being processed in the checkout process.

August 26, 2017

I officially made my first order using drone delivery yesterday and I was amazed. I knew the package would be delivered quickly but was still awestruck when it arrived within the hour. I knew it would be there and I still was surprised. When the drone was 2 minutes from my house, I received a text saying my package was almost here, and I needed to reply stating that I would be there to receive it. I waited outside for about a minute and then I saw it fly over my neighbor’s house, see me with its camera (with the person controlling it looking at me). I waved at it like it told me to when it got there, it came down, landed a few feet in front of me and let go of my package, then rose and flew back to where it came from. It was awesome.

September 4, 2017

Today was even more spectacular! I received my first pizza via drone delivery. It was perfect. I was on a first date on a picnic at a local park. I asked my date what she wanted and she just told me she was okay with whatever. I had no idea what to do, then it hit me. I remembered that the FAA had recently broadened the horizon on who was allowed to use the skies for drone delivery and so I whipped out my phone, ordered a large pepperoni pizza and some breadsticks, and it was delivered to us at the park 28 minutes later (Rosario). My date was very impressed.

September 22, 2017

Today was eye opening. I was at the mall doing some shopping for my mother’s birthday when there was a big commotion near the food court. An elderly man was on the ground and was apparently having a heart attack. Someone called 311, which is the Drone Delivery Defibrillator hotline. Within 8 minutes a drone flew to the nearest entrance, meeting the caller there. It landed at the caller’s feet and then instructed the caller to pick it up and run to the man. There was a voice coming right out of the drone that instructed this person how to properly place the defibrillator pads on the victim’s chest and when to push the button that emitted the charge. The man came to consciousness and then emergency personnel arrived shortly after (Biggs). It was amazing.

November 9, 2017

Today there was a tsunami in Hawaii. Many roads and airstrips were washed out. The American Red Cross was able to deploy a fleet of drones across the Hawaiian Islands. They sent them in two waves. The first wave had cameras attached to the drones, which videoed the damaged areas and helped the Red Cross workers to determine what the people needed. The second wave had items such as blankets, medical supplies, food, water, and tarps that the drones delivered. Because communications were down, the survivors were able to talk with the Red Cross workers through the drones. It was incredible to see how this technology is so versatile and lifesaving (Larson, #48).