Leadership Development

August 16, 17, 18, 2016

8:00 - 1:00 Parker Admin. Dee Strickland Conference Room

August 16 [Please note article to be read]

Session I: Teacher Supervision [8:00 - 10:30]

Session II: eDoctrina Implementation [10:30-1:00]

  • Training on “Observe” with Brian Budnik from eDoctrina

August 17 and 18

Over these two days you will be rotating to each of these 4 stations:

(*please make note of preparation required for #2)

#1 (A) Principals - Reconfiguration - Meet with Ken and Dina

Review the reconfiguration work completed to date to ensure common understanding, and to agree on the work that remains to be done with a timetable for the completion.

This will include updates on: intermediate teaming, meeting with all new school staff to ascertain assignment interests, and preliminary plans for the April and June conference days.

#1 (B) Directors and Coordinators - eDoctrina

  • Directors: Work time on eDoctrina curriculum/assessment module, webinars

  • SE/Student Services: Explore eDoctrina RTI tracking, PBIS resources

#2 DDI: Progress Monitoring Using Formative Assessment

Our next evolution of progress monitoring is here and it's clear - a stronger focus on analyzing formative assessments!

Review 2015-16 Progress Monitoring strengths and needs

Use of formative assessment in progress monitoring

#3 Apply a Danielson Lens to ICT Lesson Implementation

  • Identify and promote the implementation of ISTE standards and ICT skills within planning and instruction aligned with the Danielson Framework.

  • Technology “tips and tools” to assist leaders in efficiency and effectiveness to support and enhance leadership.

#4 eDoctrina "Observe" Work Time

  • Further opportunity to learn how Observe platform works and to practice tagging evidence

  • Time for “nuts and bolts” work - e.g. assigning second observers

  • Work time to plan teacher supervision using planning tool

  • Support for principals for turn-key training of teachers on August 31 (videos, webinars)