The EnviroPig is a Pig that the University of Guelph is trying to develop a Sus that can digest plant phosphorus more efficiently than a regular Yorkshire pig. These enviropigs produce enzyme phytase in the salivary glands. When cereal grains are consumed such as Barley, the phytase enzyme is active in the acidic environment of the stomach, degrading indigestible phytate in the feed that accounts for 50-75% of the grain phosphorus.

Environmental Impact

When manure from ordinary swine is spread on land in places of intense swine production, there is a build up of phosphorus in the soil. During spring showers the phosphorus build-up can get into ponds streams or even are water supplies and that may lead to excessive algae growth because phosphorus is an essential nutrient for algae. If this happens that takes a way from the oxygen concentration in the water which impacts the poor fishies
The EnviroPig project is facing alot of criticism from Anti-GMO groups because