Friday Coffee Chat!

April 22, 2016

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Happy TGIF!!!

Happy Friday! Life is GOOD..right?? Actually, Life is GREAT! Isn't always perfect...often fairly messy...twists and turns, challenges, family crisis, financial stresses, heartbreak, illnesses, etc. face all of us at times. One thing I've witnessed/seen over the last 5+ years are stories of stylists who have ENORMOUS life challenges going on in their life and they often come back and say, "S & D brought me SOO much joy during that very tough time".

Fridays are the day people are feeling HAPPY! What a GIFT we can give to them! Think about how S&D brings YOU JOY and think about how you can GIFT that to someone TODAY! It's time to FOLLOW UP and make it happen!!!

We are truly presenting a GIFT for each potential hostess and stylist! You must believe that! It's a mindset! Once you believe, you will BOOK!

So..take a peek at your list today. Who will you CALL, TEXT, FB MESSAGE? The fortune is always in the follow up. I have NEVER booked a show by just sending an email and waiting for them to respond. It is OUR JOB to follow up!

Cheers to a FAB FRIDAY and gifting lots of SD JOY!

Stef xo

Tips on who to reach out to with words to say!!!

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You know that girl that is always dressed to the nines...the one you probably are nervous to contact?? YES, we all know them! They are who you are going to reach out to today! They obviously LOVE fashion, jewels, why not reach out and share the SD STYLE!!!

Words to Say!

"Hi Holly! I hope all is well. I have to tell you that you always look amazing! How do you do it? You have such great fashion! I have been wanting to share Stella and Dot with you for a while now, but I have been too chicken :) LOL! I could see you wearing our amazing statement pieces like a rockstar! Have you seen the gorgeous line up close? I would love to share it with you and your girlfriends!!! How about next week? April 30th? A quick Wine, Cupckes and Jewelry Please?? Or a mid-morning Java and Jewels? I think we would have so much fun! Thoughts?"


"HI Holly! I hope all is well. I have been loving your posts on FB about your adorable family. You are all like models! Call me crazy, but I think you would make an amazing stylist for Stella and Dot. :) I have been looking for girls to join my DREAM TEAM and you would be fabulous!!! Have you ever thought of the opportunity? I would love to chat with you if you have any interest!!! Take a peek of the Our Story video....and I'll touch base on Monday! "

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Reaching out for a FUNDRAISER!

I know we all know someone that has a cause that is near and dear to their heart. I like to try to use this amazing stylist opportunity to host one fundraiser each month to give back! I feel really awesome doing that and have loved watching my hostesses smile from the support that they receive! Doing GOOD Looks amazing on YOU!

Be sure to reach out to those that are tied to Autism Awareness this month. You can still host a fun Autism show next week! This is also prime season for those that raise money for races, etc.

Hi Sarah!
I saw this week that you posted on FB that you’re (Running a Marathon/Raising Money for X) and I wanted to offer some fashionable fundraising! Let’s do a trunk show with your friends and I’ll donate a portion of the sales to your efforts. Everyone is ready to dress and shop for spring and we have the BEST collection launching this week! Are you free 4/18 or 4/19? Those are my next free dates! Can’t wait to hear from you!
(here’s the sneak peek link to our new line! (insert PICTURE!)

You can chose what type of donation you would like to gift for the cause. Majority of the time, I like to give the hostess 15% of my commission and let her keep the hostess rewards, :)

Who can you think of right now that you can reach out to????

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Time to Make your LIST and contact ladies from your trunk shows!

So many of you have started off April with a BANG! Have you followed up with all of your customers and offered them a trunk show of their own?? I have to admit, sometimes I forget to follow up, but guess what? I am losing out of many potentials that may want the gift of a fun girls night too!

Today...I am reaching out to CUSTOMERS!

**TIP!!! Do NOT be afraid to offer a VERY close date. I always offer the two closest dates I have with in the next week to ten days! More than likely they will say "NO" and that is when you can offer a date two weeks from now! We are not planning a wedding, just a fun 90min get together...not party! :)

Hi Mary!! I loved meeting you yesterday at Linda's show! I am so excited for you and your trip to Hawaii!! I know you loved a lot of our summer goodies! How about a fun little "Mimosas and Muffins" next week with your neighbors? A little pre-mother's day shopping!!! I would love to gift you this fun 90 minute style session! We can get you ready for your trip!!! I have April 29th or 30th? Thoughts? xo, Stef

Offer a FUN Mother's day show NEXT WEEK! Everyone has to shop for their MOM, so why not do it over some Brunch and BLING!

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Who is rocking the REACH OUTS this week?


Top Ten in Sales for the week!

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