Who is Myles Horton?

Take a Look Into the Life of Myles Horton

The Life of Myles Horton

Myles Horton was an Environmental Activist and a Civil Rights Activist. Ever since he was born in 1905 he committed his life to see what people have to say. In 1927 he worked at a Presbyterian Church and ran community meetings that focused on people telling their story. Eight years later, Myles and a man named Don West opened Highlander Folk School in Monteagle, Tennessee. The school focused on people sharing their experiences. The courses at the school were Labor Issues, Literacy, Leadership and Non violent desegregation strategies.

Highlander Folk school was a school that helped launch “Citizenship schools” across the south to help African Americans be able to read to pass literation tests in order to vote in the south. He was an author of 3 books. On January 19th, 1990 Myles Horton died in New Market Tennessee due to a brain disease.

Myles Horton for Nobel Prize

By: Tyler Hug

Should Myles Horton deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? I think he does. After all he has done with Civil Rights and even building a school dedicated to Civil Rights. And even to have Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks (two of the biggest civil rights activists of the time) come your school to help them with Civil Rights movements, I think that's a big accomplishment. Myles Horton dedicated his life to listening to people and teaching. Listening to people started back in 1927 when Myles started to work at a Presbyterian Church and ran community meetings. And then also creating a school that helped African Americans read and write and to be nation wide known, I think that's huge. That is why I think Myles Horton should win the Nobel Peace Prize.