A Christmas Carol

Go see it at the Guthrie Theater!

Summary paragraph

The play A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens was a very amazing play. I would recommend you go see this play because it was wonderful. It is about a grumpy old man named Scrooge and how he was visited by three ghosts and dramatically changed in the end. Also another reason to go see this play is because you can see these big moving pieces of the stage just move around. You can also look for the trap doors on the stage. For example Scrooge's house would turn around for scenes that he was inside the house. Other reasons for watching this play is the effects of the lighting and the way the characters look different when they put different lights on them. Also they used fog and steam for a ghostly effect. For example when the ghost of Christmas yet to come came on the stage they had fog to add the feeling of a graveyard. Meanwhile scenery just added the effect of a small Christmas town and it just looked amazing. Also when they had the lights shined down on the stage to make it look like the street it looked like you were actually in the town. For example Mr. Fezziwig had the party in his where house it looked like we were I. The where house at the party. In conclusion I would really recommend you go see this play because it's just a really good play and it reminds you not to be a grumpy old man. So go see A Christmas Carol and read the book.

Sacrifice in A Christmas Carol

A sacrifice that Scrooge had to make in A Christmas Carol is his mean ways of life. A sacrifice I have had to make in my life was when I was little and had to give away my toys for prop.