The great midwest


The landscape

The land is flat with alot of lakes. A bunch of ice sheets moved acrost the land and flattend it. Then they carved out giant holes.Finally the glaicers came nd melted and filled in the giant holes.

The climate

The tempatures in the midwest can very widely. The areas around the great sometimes have lake effect weather. The air over the lake is often eithe hotter or cooler then the air over the land. If winds blow accrost the lakes they bring the hot or cool air to the land affecting the tempatures. lake effect can bring storms to.

pictures of the midwest

The great midwest

Iron in the Midwest

Iron is an important resource in the MidWest. Iron can be made into steel tht makes it valuable. Iron ore was found in Minnaesota and Michigan. Iron mineing in the MidWest was big buisness.

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Companys that started in the midwest

In the 1900's many things were inventid in the midwest like... Detroit was known for cars, Minneapolis, Minnisota for flour mills, Finnally Ohio had alot of glass.