June 3 - June 8 VOL.# 2 ISSUE#34

Weeks at a glance


Yearbook distribution

Awards recognition

K - 9:00-9:45

1 - 1:00-1:45

2 - 2:00-2:45



Yearbook signing during specials

Awards recognition

3 - 1:30-2:30

4 - 9:00-10:00

9:00-10:00 Special education interest meeting




EOY bounce houses (during grade level enrichment times)

5th grade Hawaiian Falls


5th grade moving on ceremony 9:15-10:30

Staff meeting and dinner 6:00-7:30 in cafe


"Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor."

~ Truman Capote

Summer Birthdays

6/3 Debra Maish

6/6 Brooks Tyler

6/8 Jennifer Hudspeth

6/11 Rose Querickiol

6/17 Caleb Hall

6/26 Julie Martinez

7/7 Danielle Maurier

7/7 Liana Alvarez

7/8 Kirstin Heyen

7/11 Angie Ingarfield

7/25 Jennifer Lott

7/30 Michelle Thrasher

8/2 Lynn Siebert

8/3 Brends Wittenauer

6/6 Jennifer Reeves

8/6 Jennifer Powers

8/26 Theresa Hernandez

8/27 Mary Salazar

Updated Information


~End of the year checkout sheets were placed in your boxes this past week. Try to get as much completed prior to the last day of school. Please make sure you have the appropriate member of the staff initial once the item has been completed. We do need for you all to turn in your cabinet keys due to technology being here over the summer.

~Aramark is currently experiencing shortages. This week, plates will be 3 compartment instead of 5. In addition, substitutions will occur.

~Staff, please come check out the magazine and book exchange in the library. We have tons of great books for your summer reading needs. Some of my recommended authors include: John Grisham (courtroom thrillers), Robin Cook (medical thrillers), & Danielle Steele and Nora Roberts (romance). I even have a copy of The Host – a current movie on the big screen. Angela A

~A reminder about Thinkapalooza

K,1,2 on Monday

3,4,5 on Tuesday

I can't wait! I will be delivering all the needed supplies by Friday. Please check to see you have what you need and text me on Monday if there is anything you need that I didn't get to you. THANKS SO MUCH FOR getting the kids excited about our "creative" days! 972-965-2805-Julie's cell.....If you can take pictures to share and maybe even get some "kid quotes" for me to use, that would be great! Thanks!!!!

~Clarification on the paper removal. Ultimately, we want our room to look nice. If you have fabric or fadeless paper, there is no need to take down the paper. However, all other items need to be taken down. If you have questions, Amy or I can run by your room.

I do want all bulletin boards cleaned up. We need out school to look innovative & creative:)

Coyote Pride

~Thank you to the 5th grade teachers for letting my kids bring a friend to our annual “Bring a Friend to MTA” day! The kids loved showing their friends what they have learned in MTA over all these years, and the pride on their faces was just an amazing thing to see! The other 5th graders are always impressed by all the coding, spelling rules, decks, and cursive that my kids know. When my kiddos hear compliments from their peers it means so much, and builds their confidence! Thanks again for all you do to support the kids. Jennifer H

~Great job RTI team!! Thank you for your dedication in serving our struggling learners. Your tenacity in analyzing data served our kids well! All but 2 qualified (and one of those was a parent request!) Flisowski

~A big thank you to Stephanie Moore for coming with my class on our limo ride last Friday. Not only did she happily ride with a group of kids, she willingly played flag football with them! Thanks for showing the kids how much you care about them! –Erin Howard

~Shout out to Dani Sloman. She was so organized doing Pop for Drops! She also brought us pops for counting her change and was SO APPRECIATIVE and sweet. What a great cause and lesson for kids AND what an AWESOME teacher. Love her! Angela Hamilton

~CRE...thank you for another great year! Looking for an even better 13-14:) MJ