Red Hill EEC 2016

Now is the time to book the dates for your next excursion

With a range of programs to support the new NSW syllabuses for the Australian curriculum

Some of our most popular programs include;

Early Stage 1 - My Cultural Heritage, Eco Spies

Stage 1 - Come to the Party, Powering On, Our Families

Stage 2 - National Parks Day, Push/Pull

Stage 3 - Australia's Indigenous Past, Gold Fever, Camping at Dunn's swamp

Stage 4 - History (Austrlia's Ancient Past), Science (Aboriginal Ecology)

Stage 5 - GOMAD (Make A Difference), Dunn's swamp Challenge

Stage 6 - Geography (The Drip, Goulburne River), Biology (Munghorn Gap, Field Study Day)

Multi-stage Programs - Water in My World, Time and Change

Leadership and Special Event Opportunities