Reefs in Australia

Potential problems that occuring on the Reefs in Autsralia.

Major Problems

There are many bad things that are happening to the Coral Reefs and no one knows about,but here are only the most important and major problems in Australia.

Ship Accidents

The problem with the ships is that when they float, they can touch the Reefs and maybe break them.

Oil Spills

Another problem with the ships is that they oil can spill into the ocean which can poison the Reefs.

Over Fishing

Not only ships can damage the Reefs but also people can .For example over fishing is bad as if too many fishes will disappear ,no one will "look after" the reefs.

Water temperature and climate change

And another major problem is a temperature. Coral Reefs are very sensitive to the temperature of the water so even the little changing in the ocean can badly affect them.