Welcome New Stylist!


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We couldn't be more excited to welcome you!

Stella & Dot was created by bold, joyful women to help all women style their lives as they see fit. Below we will introduce you to our leadership team, share our top tips for new stylists and help you get started with your new business. We ask that you really put yourself all in and give this little company your best try. You might just find you are onto something really big!

By now you have signed up as a new stylist, named your website and you likely have a long wish list of must have accessories. Our goal is to help you stay on course and work towards your goals and define your success. Make sure to take a look at the check list to follow and work with your sponsor and upline to help you get started. We are so excited to be your business partners.

I know that all information coming in may be a little overwhelming ....so hopefully this cheat sheet will help!!!!

Raising a glass and toasting your future success! xo Tiffany

Meet your leadership team- Directors

Team Charmant leadership team

Our Lead Stylists

Patti Anderson Chicago, IL

Amanda Byrne Chicago, IL

Rochelle Lewis Los Angeles, CA

Kristin Morgan Grosse Pointe, MI

Debi Schoenherr Harbor Springs, MI

Meredith Stasa Chicago, IL

Become a lead stylist, just bring a friend along and we will coach you both to success!

(lead stylists...got cool perks like ordering samples early and VIP to some events)

Who Else Should you Know!

Our entire community! Meet our home office executive team and board of directors.
Friend them on facebook and follow them on twitter, pinterest and instagram.

Depending where you live....you will have one of the following fab ladies as the manager of your region.

Meet our Regional Manager, Meredith Moore. She runs our NE and SE pages.
Meet our Regional Manager, April Price. She runs our NW and SW pages.
Our UK Manager, Jane Hamilton. Our Canadian Manager, Janine Weber.

and for fun-check out these amazing peeps!! friend them!
Top income earner, top in sponsoring, and social media queen

Connect with stylists on our team and through out the Stella & Dot community. We all work together to help make each other better. You never have to recreate the wheel, simply borrow from other stylists and Stella & Dot.


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And we get things done! Top tips for new stylists-

1. Book trunk shows. Ever wondering what to do? Book trunk shows. MOST IMPORTANT!!!
2. Make a written "Who do you know list" and keep it with you at all times so you can constantly add to it...
3. Schedule a weekly 15 mentor call with your upline and Star or Director. (If this is me..I will schedule for you)
4. Build a pacing partner relationship with 2 or 3 other new stylists. (let me or your upline know if you would like help finding someone.)
5. Update your business tools. Business cards, Social Media, Email Signature.
6. Send out an "I'm launching my business email"-and send to EVERYONE you can think of.
7. Self teach at Stella & Dot University on Stylist Lounge. Navigate Stylist Lounge.
8. Visit Stylist Lounge Daily for latest Updates (5 Minutes).
9. Visit our team facebook page daily. Post, share, respond. This is your place to get help and advice. LOOK TO THIS PAGE TO FIND DOCUMENTS/TEMPLATES THAT YOU NEED.. I have put applicable ones under FILES which may be found under the logo.
10. Go to local Stella & Dot Meet & Greets, New Stylist Trainings and Team Meetings.
11. Participate on Team All Stylists Call on Mondays at 9:00, NUMBER TO BE POSTED.

12. Download Checkout Helper and RedStamp on your iPhone.
13. Participate in Tips from the Top Call on Tuesdays, home office hosted.
14. Understand the compensation program along with policies & procedures manuals.
15. Smile and have fun spreading style while you wear adorable accessories!

I have Launched my Business!!

Check out the links in Stylist Lounge under Your Business and Marketing. Hot Tip- No need for address field so use that space for other wording such as "Host a Show, Earn Free Accessories!" or "We're Growing! Ask me about the Stylist Opportunity!"

LABEL EVERYTHING that you hand out with your Personal Website (PWS).

Update your email signatures and social media accounts to show that you are now a stella and dot stylist open for business.

Create a "Who Do You Know List" and include everyone. They are all going to fit into your business as a Stylist, Hostess, Client or Referral Partner.

Stella & Dot University- Self teach and master the "Words to Say" while making them your own.

Send out an "I have launched my business!" email to everyone you know. Example-
Feel free to use this for inspiration but make it your own. You want it to sound like your voice not yours and mine:)

I am so excited to tell you about my new venture with Stella and Dot. <Share a little about why you decided to become a stylist> Some of you have come to a trunk show and already have an idea, but I wanted to explain more about what I am doing and how I plan to grow. I would be honored to be your "go to" stylist of choice. The perfect referrals for me are potential stylists/reps in the USA/CAN/UK/GER, trunk show hostesses, personal shopping appointments and referrals to my eBoutique. (Yes I have my very own personal website!!)

As I value your opinion, I would be honored if you would preview my eBoutique and share any feedback. If you love it, would you consider sharing it with your friends and family? You will always be able to find out the latest Stella Scoop on <Insert website>.

I have to tell you it has been so fun and I am excited to grow my business with this company. The jewelry is simply irresistible and shared through trunk shows which create the ideal social shopping experience. Our press is huge with editor picks in many magazines including INSTYLE, WWD, O Magazine, Lucky and Vogue. The fashion industry is simply floored by our luxury line and great value. That's the benefit of sharing through trunk shows instead of in a retail department store. You will be delighted to find that 50% of the line is under $50 and the other half, we want to share that for free with our very best hostesses. Our designers are recognized as the darlings of the fashion industry and with almost a dozen working together, I get to share with you styles that are perfect for all occasions and we adore sharing great versatility with you. I just know you are going to love the line as I do!!! I have had a lot of fun doing trunk shows for my friends and family. Now, I’m really ready to grow my business outside of my (our) circle and I could really use the help of my friends.

If any of you would be interested in hosting a trunk show in their home, please let me know. I would so appreciate it! They are simple and stylish and I take care of the details making it fun for the hostess and their friends. To have a good show we really only need 10-20 of your friends and neighbors, lite food, your favorite beverage or just a pot of coffee in the morning. Who do you know that I should meet? Our hostess rewards are the BEST!! Our average hostess gets over $250 in free jewelry and 4 items at half off- all for inviting some of your girlfriends/neighbors over and have fun trying on jewelry while sipping your favorite beverage and catching up. How often these days do you get to shop with your girlfriends?

The new collection was just introduced, so this is a great time to host a show. We really only need a week or two to get everything in place for a successful show.

The second way that you could REALLY help me... refer me to your friends and family who you think might like to do what I am doing. We are so tiny and we are experiencing hyper growth. I would love to coach and mentor a few really great people. I would be honored to share how I fit this into my life working full time and traveling. This is ideal for anyone that that would like a flexible business, unlimited income potential and might be interested in fashion and social selling with a very special company. The timing is perfect and I would be delighted to chat with any referrals you might have to see if this might be a good fit for them.

Third, I am delighted to help with personal shopping for you or your gift giving needs. Bridal parties, career women, stay at home moms, fashionista's, grandma's and the sort may all be great referrals especially before a holiday.

And finally, my eboutique, www.<insert page>.com is a go to place to shop 24/7. All items ship gift boxed and arrive in under 1 week. I would be honored if you considered this your new favorite online store.

Again I really appreciate all of the support you all have given me so far and the support in growing my business. I am really excited about the things to come. This is exactly what I have been looking for.

If you are not familiar with Stella & Dot, please take a moment to browse my websitewww.stelladot.com/---.

If you would like a catalog please let me know, I would be happy to drop one in the mail... they are gorgeous!!

I would love your opinion on your favorite pieces!!

Thanks again so much for your support!