John Brown was an abolitionist who killed slave owners.

How The Kansas-Nebraska Created A Killing Spree

The Kansas-Nebraska act created a sequence of bad events in Kansas. It also completely threw out (repealed) the Missouri Compromise of 1850. These new border lines created territories, and it became a very bloody race between the Abolitionist and the South to settle there. This led to Southerners creating a government in Kansas territory as well as the Northern abolitionist. Eventually John Brown came along with his sons and as retaliation from a burning News paper buildings, they went and killed 5 pro-slavery southerners who owned slaves and killed them in front of there families.


John Brown was a radical abolitionist and was popular (well liked) northern extremist. He was born in Torrington, CT, on May 9, 1800. Eventually he married in 1820, he married Dianthe Lusk, unfortunately she died in 1832 while giving birth. During their marriage they had seven children, six of the names of the children are John Jr., Jason, Owen, Frederick, Ruth, and Frederick II. The sons that were apart of the raid are John Jr., Oliver, Owen, and Watson (some of his children that were apart of the raid were from a different marriage).

John Brown to fighting slavery to extreme measures. When proslavery forces in Kansas came and attacked/raided the "free state" town, Lawrence, violence expanded and became more often. In retaliation of this, John Brown, four of his sons and two accomplices went and murdered five proslavery owners in front of there families. The men and there families lived along Pottawottamie Creek. To justify his actions he said that it was gods will and that he was chosen to make the action for god.

For sure the actions he made were wrong but the actions the ones he murdered were being horrible and making horrific actions against other human beings. To consider either sides actions justified would be (in my opinion) wrong.