Ancient Greece

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The Theater of Dionysus

Theater was a part of Athenian life. The Theater of Dionysus in the city could hold thousands of people. Dionysus was the god of theater and wine, Greek plays grew out of the songs and dances that the Greeks performed at harvest time to honor him. There were no women actors in ancient Greece, men played all of the characters both male and female. The men would wear masks to cover up their faces and the mask would be a women.

The Panathenaic Games

The Greeks would hold athletic events to honor the gods and goddesses. In Athens, games were held as a part of Panathenaea, a festival that honored the goddess Athena. The games would include many athletic events like horse and chariot races, footraces, boxing, wrestling, and many more.

The Temple of Delphi

The Greeks worshiped many gods and goddesses. Each god and goddess had power over area of life. Sometimes Greeks asked for advice. For example, a famous temple in the town of Delphi was dedicated to the god Apollo. People could ask Apollo questions and he would answer them back threw a priestess.

The Agora

In Ancient Greece the people would trade food at the Agora; the Agora is a place where you can trade food. People have a light breakfast, some bread and some porridge. For lunch they have an amount of bread that was a little more then what they had at breakfast and some nice fresh cheese or figs. Finally dinner is ready, the dinner will be the biggest meal of them all, you will eat dinner around sundown. Dinner will sometimes be a long social event with various of food including vegetables, bread, eggs, fish, and cheese. So when you visit Greek make sure you stop by some restaurant.

Fun Facts

- Greeks often ate dinner while laying on their sides

- The Romans copied much of the Greek culture including their gods, architecture, language, and evn how the ate

- The Greek invented the yo-yo