Sumatran Tiger

Tropical Rainforest, Indonesia

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What is a Sumatran Tiger and what threats are they dealing with?

Sumatran Tigers

Originate: Asia/Indonesia

Habitat: Island of Sumatra in Indonesia

Biomes: Tropical Broad leaf Evergreen

Role in food web: Their prey consist of deer, rabbits, boars, badgers, and white cattle (Carnivores)



-Habitat Fragmentation

Conflict with humans: The loss of land results into tigers wandering into the villages

Illegal trading: Over hunting

-Poaching for the black market

-Trade of bones= in use for medicines

-Selling tiger cubs


If we continue to repeat the same actions of threats against the tigers then a series of events will occur. First the population of deer, wild boars, and guar will not be kept in check. Without the tigers the prey species will expand. Leading to a ravage on their food sources. So the smaller insects will not be able to survive. Therefore these insects will eat crops which is vital food that could be lost to humans. Therefore if there is a removal of tigers then our agriculture will diminish.


They regulate populations of their large herbivore prey, which would consume all of the vegetation or just greatly reduce it. If tigers were not there to consume deer then, overgrazing of vegetation would likely occur. They may even kill off their predators like leopards. When prey population are low or just to let there be an abundance of other predators.


-Anyone caught hunting tigers could face jail time. People however violate the law.

-Appearance; darker coat than others. Stripes are black and very thick.

-Mating Nov- April

-Smallest subspecies of tiger

-China is considers the largest consumer an producer of manufactured products containing tiger parts

-Precious but only 400 left

-Golden fur with distinctive stripes


Without tigers in the ecosystem there would be a much larger population of herbivores such as deer and rabbits which would eat all the vegetation causing a large decrease in the amount and diversity of plants and trees this in turn would have a negative effect on the soil in the ecosystem, this also would kill off insects which feed off of other plants in the ecosystem, further decreasing the diversity of vegetation. This would leave the herbivores with less and less food as time goes on, decreasing the herbivore species as well . Many species would die off causing next generations to have much less variety.