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April 17, 2020

Calling all INCOMING Kindergarteners!

If you or someone you know has a child who will be joining us for kindergarten in 2020-2021, please take a moment to share student and family contact information. This will be helpful in reaching out for registration. THANK YOU!!

WE MISS YOU, Avoca West!

Upcoming SELect Learning Day -- Starts Monday!

This Monday will be the first (of possibly a few) SELect Learning Days for our students. This year we have been intentionally focusing on social emotional learning (SEL) in our classrooms and in teacher professional development. Because we know that these skills are exceptionally important when we are away from one another in keeping our bodies and our minds healthy, Avoca's staff has built a selection of choices for students to engage with on Monday which focus on SEL.

The day will begin with a class meeting where our teachers will spend about 30 minutes talking with students about an SEL topic and framing out the day for students. Then, students will INDEPENDENTLY have the day to choose from nine different selections which tie to SEL learning. There are other options given for those students and parents who wish to have more -- just as is the case with "regular" remote learning days.

What's different from a typical remote learning day? After the class meeting in the morning, teachers will not have set up times for additional lessons or interactions with students. This helps to give our teacher time to collaborate with one another and to plan for the upcoming week. We hope this day is a win-win to allow a pause for overall wellness and some intentional time to dive into activities for PE, music, art, and other specials areas students might not have gotten to during the week.

Reminder of Weekly Structure Remote Learning

Now that we are two weeks into our Remote Learning Re-boot, I wanted to take a moment to remind parents of the overall structure and "ideals" for the week. The structure came from parent, student, and teacher feedback and a desire to meet the needs of our students, families at home, and staff members who are also assisting with their own children at home.

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays -- All grades focus on Reading and Writing
  • Wednesdays & Fridays -- All grades focus on Math and Science or Social Studies
  • ALL DAYS students have access to activities that Core (PE, Music, Spanish) and Encore (Drama, Art, Science Lab, Tech, Encore Lit) have put together. Students can engage with these activities based on which class they would typically have that day, they can pick which ones are especially interesting to them, or they can pause on them and focus just on the academics. The intention is to be flexible, but allow for opportunities to include so many things our students love when they are at Avoca West!

Students are not expected to engage in learning for the same amount of time at home as they would if we were in school together -- that's just not possible. Developmentally, there is a limit to how much time we can expect students to attend to learning remotely and we need to take into account that there are varying levels of parent availability to support at home. Some parents are looking for more...some parents are doing their best to support roughly 1-2 hours of remote learning. THIS IS OK!

If your child is looking for more to do, each grade level has optional activities posted in Seesaw or Google Classroom. Our advanced learner specialists (Mrs. Morgan & Mrs. Bader) have put together more options for our students and parents who would like those activities. Please know -- ALL are listed as OPTIONAL. We do not want to put any undue stress on parents or students in this setting to do more than what their teacher has assigned for the day. If it is your wish to have your child engage in the "optional" or "extension" activities, please communicate that with your child.

Above all, thank you for recognizing the learning curve for our staff who, like us all, have been thrust into a new adventure. We continue to take parent feedback and look for opportunities to engage our students as best we can --- both in learning and in keeping the connections with their classmates and teachers.

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Help for Families Needing Food

We know many of our students and families are dealing with concerns around food at home. WE CAN HELP! Please click and fill out a form so that our food services can prepare for your children.❤️

Questions? Comments?

Please feel free to reach out to ask any of our office staff for help!