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Joshua's Altar

Coarse potsherds were found and they are brown gray pottery, fortified with crushed stone and well fired. They were from the Israelite settlement period and were never painted or decorated. It was built after the Israelites entered the promised land.

Battle at Ai

After Achan was discovered and then punished, the Israelites were sent out to battle and were victorious. They found pottery and stones used for the gates.

Wall of Jericho

Excavations have found the retaining wall and even buried jars of grain.

The large mound was named Tell es-Sultan. Revetment walls were followed around the city and they are walls which prevents erosion.

Canaanite Tel Hazor

Recent discovery of massive jars of scorched wheat at Canaanite Tel Hazor. The jugs of wheat are not the only evidence of a large fire in the palace. Excavations have produced burnt cedar beams, a collapsed ceiling, bricks cemented from heat exposure, and soot on the walls.