The European Union Of Croatia

By Kathryn Cooley

Croatia's History

Croatia joined the European Union on July 1 2013 also Croatia was a founder of the European Union. Some of the history of this country was that Croatia was a part of a other country which was Austro and the Hungarian Empire until the end of world war 1.

History of Croatia's Flag and What is of interest in Croatia

Croatian's flag has two colors that represents Croatian's constituent astates. Kingdom of Croatia: ( red and white), The kingdom of Slavonia: ( white and blue). The capital of Croatia is Zagreb and the major cities are Bjelovar, Sisak , Kariovac , and Varazdin. The things that attract people to go to Croatia is the beach and the mountains.

Pictures of Croatia

These picture are some of the history of Croatia

Geography of Croatia

The physical features of Croatia is that it has 1246 islands and has beaches which is one of the things that attracts people to Croatia, and mountians. The coordinates is 45 48 N, 1600 E.

Government Type

The government type for Croatia is Parliamentary Democracy. Parliament Domocracy means the assembly of the three astates.

What is the currency ?

The currency for Coatia is Kuna.

Where is Croatia located?

Croatia boulders Bosnia,Herzegovina,Hungary,Montenegro, and Serbia.

Fun Facts

- The population if Croatia is 4,398,159

- Croatia is expected to join theSchergen area in 2015