Abraham Maslow

Date of Birth & Death

Born: April 1st 1908 In Brooklyn, New York

Died: June 8th 1970 in Menlo Park, California

Not So Fun Facts

  • Maslow was Jewish
  • His parents fled Russia because they were Jewish.
  • They moved to a Multi-Ethnic neighborhood in New York.
  • Anti-Semitics there chased him and threw rocks at him.
  • Maslow died at the age of 62 from a heart attack while going for a jog.

His Contribution to Psychology.

  • Invented the Hierarchy of needs.
  • The Hierarchy of needs states that one set of needs should be fulfilled before a human can need something else.
  • The first level is physical : Food, water, sex, sleep.
  • The second level is feeling safe : Security of your body, your employment, resources, health etc.
  • The third is a sense of belonging: Family, Friends, loved ones.
  • The fourth level would be esteem: Confidence, Achievements, Mutual Respect.
  • The fifth and final level is "Self-Actualization" : Problem solving, Acceptance of facts, Creativity.