Weekly Update

Directorate: Skills, Support and Standards - June 1st 2015

Croeso! Welcome to our weekly directorate update of news and information.

All updates will be shared in our google community. Link at bottom of page.

Things are hotting up and I know we're all busy enrolling students for next year, mopping up qualifications and supporting learners. Many thanks for your continued hard work at this busy time of year.

We won - Two Colleges Wales Awards - Teaching and Learning, and Innovation Award

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WEST Update - Important

We've decided, after long consultations with Tribal, that WEST isn't going to be ready for learners to use in September. Our first behaviour is being "learner focussed" and we've got to put learner experiences first.

So... all the points relating to how we do initial assessment are still relevant, i.e. it will be done in English and Maths classes, and by vocational tutors where learners are not doing these. The assessment, however, will be BKSB .

Through the year we will trial WEST in WBL and Traineeship classes.

Txt Tool

We've been busy trialling the new student txt tool. If a register is marked in the first 30 minutes and a student is absent and hasn't called in, they will get a txt reminding them to come to class. The first guinea pigs have been Sport, and results show that it's improving register completion at least! We're rolling it out this week for the term with all the Services to People Directorate. Feedback so far from students is that their mobile phone numbers held on EBS are often out of date, and that our txt message is too polite. We'll keep you posted on how this trial goes.

Keeping Learners on 'Trac'

From September, the College will be working closely with Wrexham and Flintshire local authorities to help at risk learners to stay in College and not drop out. The project will help the local authorities' most vulnerable learners with their transition from school to College, and the benefits will mean some more funding of support, such as counselling and learning mentors. The project is funded by Europe and will last 5 years.

Passport to Success - new CPD Tool

Please click on the Passport to Success link for the Summer training. This is also an icon on all desktops of College computers. Log in via your EBS password.


Team Updates

Each week we will focus on a Directorate team to share an update.

School Links Update

From September we have over 800 Wrexham school pupils and about 200 pupils from Denbighshire and 200 from Flintshire at college each week doing vocational courses and GCSEs. These students are the future of our college and helps us to build really strong partnerships with local authorities and schools in the region. Our Directorate guru for all matters School Link is Sioned Mathias.

Carys Davies

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