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Computer genius hacks Telecomerica!!!

Sam is a young teen who is very smart. He is a computer genius. He is 17 years old. He was interested in the Telecomerica building because it is one of the most highly secured building in that area. He likes to use his computer skills to hack into places like that and shut them down without being detected. He wanted to hack into the Telecomerica building to get the newly invented neural headset.

Sam, and his close friend Fargus, hacked the Telecomerica building together, Fargus hacked into the surveillance system so he could keep watch for Sam. Sam got in the room where their important computers are in the Telecomerica building and hacked into them. He hacked into the building for a neural headset because Sam wanted to see if Telecomerica used the headset to hack into your brain.

Sam was inside the computer and while he was browsing around, one of the web spiders Telecomerica uses to protect their network spotted Sam, so Sam put a virus in their system and it completely shut down!

Sam got out of there without being caught and got a neural headset. He left the government in the dark, scratching at their chins trying to figure who could have pulled this off. Sam had caused various systems from around the world to shut down and fail causing a major power outage.

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Bear's Advice for Cubs

"Hey, I have a problem with my friend Sam. I'm trying to ask him what he's been doing and why he won't answer me when I send him mail and why he won't talk to me anymore. I'm becoming a little suspicious. I keep wondering if maybe he is doing something bad and he doesn't want me to know about it. Can you help me please.


"I think you should just keep trying to talk to him and see if he will tell you, but I mean sometimes people just don't want to talk to you for a while and then, all of the sudden, they want to be your best friend again. Its weird, but it happens to me all of the time. Just wait and see if he tells you about what he's been doing. If not, then I can't think of any other way to get him to talk to you.

Brown Bear Times"

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Brain Jack

Sam, who is being played by Lucas Elliot Eberl, is a computer genius who attempts to pull off the biggest hack in the world with a little help from his friend Fargus, who is being played by Tyler Posey. The plot gets a little more difficult as he meets new people along the way, and when the military start getting involved along with special secret agencies!!!!!
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The New, Neural Headset!!! Get One Before Everyone Else!!!!

The neural headset is an awesome product because it can link to your brain when you play games which require a computer, instead of having a keyboard and trying to look at the controls and the screen at the same time. The head set is both light and comfortable and is very easy to use. I recommend it highly as the expense is reasonable, too!!!
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