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Overview of Islam Dietary Laws

Many foods are prohibited in the Islamic religion. All Islam followers live by these strict dietary laws. One main law is no pork, lard or any porcine. More laws are meat that is not slaughtered in the prescribed Islamic way or meat coming from a lawful animal which died before slaughter. The Islamic way to slaughter meat is to pronounce the name of Allah (the Islamic God) on all animals while slaughtering. They must also recite the name of Allah before eating and thank him after finishing. Also, Muslims cannot eat or drink anything containing alcohol.


Ramadan is the major fast of the Islamic year. It falls during the ninth lunar month and involves not eating, drinking, smoking, or having sexual intercourse between the hours of sunrise and sunset. After sunset a feast takes place where everybody makes their favorite dish. For three days after Ramadan, there is a festival where Muslims give thanks to Allah for enabling them to perform their duty of fasting. During this festival, people make special sweet dishes.

Dinner Menu

For Dinner: Lamb with vegetables

For Dessert: Alcohol-free strawberry tiramisu


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