It is Party time to dance

free food and drink

Frank's Birthday Party

I feel awesome to invite you to join our party.

My parent will prepare the delicious food and drink.It is free~~~~~

The party will hold in our big backyard which is so spacious.

We also will invite famous Disc Jockey to play the music then we can dance together.

Do you fell excited?Come to join my birthday party

Information about me

If you want to know more information about me

Please check my Facebook

or you want to ask question you can send me an email

Frank's Birthday Party

Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 1:30pm


Taipei City

If you can not find the address

Please call 0912345678

Our Agenda

1:30 pm come to the Party

1:30~2:00 sign your name on the paper

2:00~3:00 Eating,drinking and talking

3:00~5:00 Dancing

5:00~5:20 Eat Birthday Cake

5:30~ Go Home

Taylor Swift - 22
Avril Lavigne "Rock N Roll" (Official Audio)