Ms. Beyer's Newsletter

November 10, 2014

Updates and Reminders

  • Remembrance Day Service at 10:30 in the gym on November 11th. Poppies will be available tomorrow morning, with a donation.
  • Bullying awareness session with Matt Harding from WOCRC: in the classroom on November 10th.
  • Double Lunch Day on Wednesday, November 12 - students can bring in an extra lunch to donate to The Mission. More info at:
  • Picture Retake Day on November 19th.
  • PD Day on Friday, November 21st.

Money Resources

Coin Song:

Finding the value of coins using the "Touch Point" strategy (unfortunately this tutorial uses American coins but the concept is the same for Canadian coins):

Telling Time: Understanding the Hands on a Clock

Writing Focus: Procedural Texts (How to texts)

Anchor Chart 1: Action Words

put, pour, shake, slice, cut, roll, tie, fold, add, dig, paint, scoop, draw, open, stir, attach, place, push, fill, chop, stack, mix, pat, peel

Anchor Chart 2: Using Numbers or Words to Sequence Steps:

1. Numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

2. Words:

  • First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth
  • First, Next, Then, Last
  • After that, Finally, At last,

Halloween Fun

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