LHS Semester 2 Update

January 3, 2021

Lathrop "To Do" Items for a Smooth Start to Semester 2

Complete the following items so you are prepared for the start of semester 2.

1) Blended-Learning Students, take note of the new class times - details below - and plan to log into classes starting Wednesday, Jan. 6. This day will be a soft start "meet and greet" for new classes with instruction beginning on Thursday, Jan. 7. Do plan for scheduled classes all 5 days/week (including Wednesdays) in semester 2.

2) On Monday, January 4 log into Powerschool to view your quarter 3 classes. If a change is needed, complete schedule change request through this link. (you can view quarter 3 classes prior to Jan. 4 using the Powerschool app).

3) Schedule a time to come pick up textbooks and other needed materials. Click on this link to schedule your time. *On your pick-up time, enter through front office doors and exit through Fishbowl.

4) Let us know your semester 2 plan by completing this input form. Will you stay all remote through blended remote classes or all eLearning classes? Will you plan to start coming for in person classes on Feb. 1? Take some time to view the video in this newsletter for details of what in person will look like at Lathrop and let us know your plans so we can be ready to meet your needs. **Please complete form for each student in your family. **If you already completed this form - thank you. No need to do so again.

Adjusted class times for semester 2

Quarter 3 classes will begin on Wednesday, January 6. Note that class times have changed and in semester 2 all classes will be scheduled all 5 week days (including Wednesdays).

Blended Learning Students should plan to log in to their 3 classes starting Jan. 6 at the following times:

Period 1: 9:15-10:35am

Period 2: 10:45-12:05pm

Period 3: 1:25-2:45pm

**Wed. Jan. 6 will be a soft start "meet and greet" with teachers with instruction beginning Thursday, Jan. 6. Students will be expected to log into class 5 days/week (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, and Fri) in semester 2 with option for all students to come in person starting Feb. 1.

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In-Person Option to start Feb. 1

Our in-person option for blended learning students is scheduled to begin Feb. 1. We ask that ALL Lathrop families complete this form to let us know your student's plans for semester 2. If you have more than one student, please complete form for each student. To help you make an informed decision, see video below with information regarding what in person school will look like at Lathrop starting Feb. 1.
Changes at LHS for Quarter 3
Semester 2 Input Form

Complete this form for each student in your family.

Schedule a time to pick up books and materials for semester 2 classes

Do I need books?

The majority of our classes will be issued textbooks (and/or other materials) for quarter 3 (but not all).

If you are scheduled for any of these classes - schedule a time to come pick up books and/or materials:


Algebra 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3

Algebra Fundamentals

AP Calculus

AP European History

AP Language/American LIt.

AP Statistics

AP Us Government and Politics

AP US History


Biology Honors


Chamber Orchestra - if you need to borrow an instrument

Earth and Space Science

Economics and Financial Literacy

English 9

English 9 Honors

English 10


Intro to Healthcare Occupations

Symphonic Band - if you need to borrow an instrument

Theatre Performance

World History

World History Honors

*There may be additional books/materials to be picked up at a later time in the quarter for some courses.

**If you have questions about picking up books and materials, contact Assistant Principal Rich Harrelson: rich.harrelson@k12northstar.org

Quarter 2 Grades

Quarter 2 grades will be finalized this week (Teacher deadline to submit grades is Wednesday). If your student missed a final exam, they have 10 school days to make it up. Contact the teacher to make a plan.


Call our front office Mon-Fri 7:30am-3pm at 456-7794


Email Principal Sween at carly.sween@k12northstar.org

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