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A new invention rocks the world. By Eliza Meyer

An interview with Thomas Edison

Hello! We're here today, November ninth, 1879 with Thomas Edison, an up and coming inventor who has some big news to share with us today! Thomas, tell us more...? " Thank you Steve! I am here today to tell you about a new invention I have just patented. It is called the light bulb. It is a simple device that uses a fabric wick to create a fuse. That fuse creates a spark of energy that makes light! This process allows us to have light without burning oil lamps or kerosene. Electricity can provide us with this easy and new way to use light. Even at night! I am very excited about this new and affordable invention, and I hope that it will help everyone in the area who wants a new and renewable source of electricity!" You can buy Mr. Edison's invention for just one dollar, available from merchants near you! Thank you so much Mr. Edison, pleasure to have you on the show! And now to our sponsors...