Mr. Fisher & Mrs. Fisher

From the book Tangerine

The Erik Fisher football dream

Mr. Fisher and Mrs. Fisher are obsessed over his son Erik's skills at kicking in football. He has become so obsessed that they don't pay much attention to their younger son Paul. They hope that Erik can make it to the NFL.

Their Jobs

Mr. Fisher is the head director of civil engineering in Tangerine county Florida. Ever since his boss was fired because of causing a sinkhole (pg 88:) "Old Charley Burns did it. Now old Charley's gone." Mrs. Fisher is working with the home owners association in lake windsor downs (pg 18:) "He's president of the homeowners' Association."

Their Children

Impact on Paul

Mr. Fisher doesn't pay attention to Paul and focuses on the Erik fisher football dream (pg 11:) "His favorite topic, the Erik Fisher football dream? I'd heard it all before. to many times." Mrs. Fisher is forgetting about the dream especially after Paul found out Erik sprayed paint in his eyes.