MultiCultural inquiry

Blake anderson


Culture - the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc., n.d. Web. 19 Mar. 2015.

Culture to me is the way a certain group of people do things in there own manor that is different from someone else's.

What goes into and makes up a culture?

A fee things that make up a culture are language, customs and traditions, religion, and arts and literature.

Some issues that involve the African American culture that still stay In today's time is racism. Racism has been a big problem since the civil war which took apart America. But in today's world it still stands as an issue with police brutality and the judgement from people today too.

Culture research

My culture that I have picked is Soccer.

4 Physical characteristics are: shin guards, cleats, soccer goals, uniforms

Customs and beliefs: to get points you need to get ball in the goal, you have to wear uniform for country or teams colors, you can't purposely injury another teams player or you get kicked out of the game, and you

One of the challenges that this culture has is its opponents it has to face and getting everyone in the world to come together and play to bring this world together.

Literature and culture

1. Something that inspires a writer to write literature is his part experiences and his everyday life experiences.

2. Literature is like life because the writers have a moral to their writing which is an everyday life issue and if there isn't one it is to talk about something that happened.

3. Literature reveals the values of a culture because it can show what the culture is and what it's customs are through poems.

4. I feel that everyone has their own beliefs and that everyone's understanding of a culture is going to be different but some may be the same and if it is, then the poems that people write will show what they think about those cultures.

5. To the extent where people are in war with everyone because someone did something to make another culture mad. The world wars were an example of this because everyone is concerned for everyone just because there is a war going on.

Culture acceptance

1. Some ways to promote your culture is to have huge events celebration your culture. For example, soccer has the FIFA World Cup every four years and this brings everyone together to accept soccer into their life and enjoy it for a month. order for culture to be accepted it needs to be heard first, from every point of view.

3. Peoples lives are at stake if we choose to discriminate against a culture. This is because if people aren't accepting of things and don't believe that a culture should be what it is. For example, hitler hated the Jews and did something about it.