News from Carl Sandburg Junior High

August 17, 2021

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A Note from Mrs. Johansen

Dear Sandburg Families,

It was great to see everyone who came in for Walk Your Schedule day today! It makes me even more excited for tomorrow! A few notes for tomorrow...


Students do not need to bring all of their supplies tomorrow. Bringing a notebook and writing utensils will be fine. Calculators are $15 and on sale in the office. Students can bring money and stop by the office to purchase one.


Student lockers will be located by their 1st period class. They will receive their combinations and locker assignment during 1st period on the first day of school. Our staff is prepared to help students learn how to use their lockers.

New Sandburg T-shirts

Students will receive their new t-shirts on Thursday. We ask that everyone where them on Friday.

You'll find information below about Breakfast and Lunch procedures and Self-Certification Lanyards.

Please take a minute to read over the Cell Phone Policy and Student Appearance policy that are shared below. We will speak to students about these policies in school over the next few days.

On a personal note, thank you for all of your kind words, support, and positivity over the past few days. It means a lot all of us!

We're very excited for the 21-22 to begin and so grateful that you are "One of Us".

Erika Johansen

Sandburg Principal

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Self-Certification Lanyards

We are so excited to welcome students tomorrow. We wanted to send a reminder regarding our self-certification process. Just as we did last year, students will be given a lanyard with a self-certification card including symptoms as well as a signature card for you, the parent/guardian, to sign each morning verifying that your child is symptom and fever-free.

As a reminder, staying home when sick or symptomatic is one of our Safe 6 mitigations as we kick off the new school year. Everyone should stay home when they have signs of COVID-19. All students must self-certify that they are free of COVID-19 symptoms (listed below) and a fever each day before entering our buildings and school buses.

Symptoms Include:

  • Fever (100.4°F or higher);

  • New onset of moderate to severe headache;

  • Shortness of breath;

  • New cough;

  • Sore throat;

  • Vomiting or diarrhea;

  • New loss of sense of taste or smell;

  • Fatigue from unknown cause; and/or

  • Muscle or body aches from unknown causes.

Staying home when sick helps us reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses in our schools and allows individuals to recover more quickly.

If you have questions, please reference the Return to Learn, Reconnect, and Re-Engage Plan.

The lanyards will be passed out tomorrow during 1st period. Students need to come in each day with the lanyard on and show the parent signature to the staff member at the front door.

Breakfast/Lunch Information

For the 21-22 school year, D15 students are able to eat lunch for free. The August Lunch Menus are available in the link below.


If students would like to each breakfast at school, they come in the building when they get to school and go directly to the cafeteria. We will have supervisors there to make sure students are sitting in their assigned seats and appropriately distancing while they are eating.


Students will be placed in various locations around the building for lunch this year as we need to distance them while they are eating. We will announce those locations tomorrow morning. Students will be grouped by last name and will not be able to change their location once it's assigned tomorrow. We do plan to rotate through the locations each quarter.

Student Entry and Exit Procedures

Building Entry

As per the Executive Order, students must properly wear a face mask as they walk in the doors of the school.

All students will enter the building at 7:35 each day. Those who want to eat breakfast will go to the cafeteria. Everyone else goes directly to their first period classes. Students in the cafeteria will be seated 6 feet apart and asked to eat their breakfast quickly so they can go directly to class. Staff will be available to supervise all students who are in their classes and in the cafeteria.

Bus Riders

Students who ride the bus to school will enter and exit at Door 7 at the back of the school. Students will be in assigned seats on the bus and must properly wear their masks at all times.

Car Riders

Students who are dropped off or picked up at school will enter/exit the building at Door 1 at the front of the school off Martin Avenue.


Students who walk to and from school can enter and exit at Door 1 or Door 7.

Sandburg staff will be supervising the student entry/exit procedures to ensure the students are safe and the flow of traffic is continuous and that masks are properly worn. If students do not have a mask, they will be provide with one as they enter the building.

District Cell Phone Policy

Student possession and/or use of cell phones and other electronic devices while at school is governed by Board of Education Policy 7:190 Student Behavior.

Sandburg students may bring cell phones and wireless earbuds to school, but they will must be placed in their lockers at all times during the school day.

Sandburg students will be reminded of this expectation in their first period classes each day. If a student does not follow this expectation, parents will also be notified and may even need to come pick up their child’s phone if this issue continues. After repeated reminders, students may earn a lunch detention or after school detention.

District 15 Student Appearance Expectations

Appropriate student dress helps the school maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning not only during school hours, but also at all school functions. Clothing and accessories that display undesirable and/or unhealthy images (such as, but not limited to, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, violence, or gang-related symbols) do not belong in a school setting. Also inappropriate are depictions of vulgar actions/language/behavior, gang signs, or sexually suggestive pictures or statements. Any obvious combinations of current gang colors will not be allowed. These policies will be strongly enforced.

A determination that a student’s dress is inappropriate will be made by the principal, assistant principal, or police liaison officer. The following guidelines are used in determining whether attire is appropriate. They include, but are not limited to

  • No bare midriffs.

  • No bare or lace-up backs.

  • Cover buttocks and all undergarments.

  • Shoulders must be covered by at least two inches of fabric.

  • Shorts should measure no less than 8 inches above the knee (5-7 inch inseam on shorts).

  • Skirts must not be shorter than 6 inches above the knee.

  • Tops may not be lower than an imaginary line drawn from armpit to armpit.

  • No hats or bandanas are to be worn inside the building except when entering or preparing to leave the building unless they are for religious or medical purposes.

  • The dress code applies to school field trips and all school events.

For safety reasons, students should follow these guidelines:

  • Footwear which is safe for indoor and outdoor physical activity should be worn at all times. (Shoes with wheels are not allowed; platform shoes and thong-style sandals are discouraged.)

  • No belts, necklaces, or bracelets with spikes or chains, including chains connecting wallets to a belt.

  • No pants or skirts that drag on the floor.

  • No coats, jackets, or other outerwear in the classroom.

Sandburg Student Services Team Welcome Message

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!

As a student service team at Carl Sandburg, our goal is to make each student feel welcomed and confident in their skills to succeed in junior high school. We provide resources to students and families informally, such as via our website, and formally to students, whether that be seeing students individually, in groups, or in classrooms.

To help with the transition back to school, take a look at our website and list of community resources. You can also contact us at the following information below:

Deyanira Munoz, Social Worker,, 847-963-7851 (bilingual)

Deanna Nemchock, School Counselor,, 847-963-7850

Make sure you're following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @CSJHWildcats!