Candyman's Dessertland

We have the best desserts around !

We Have All The Desserts ! You Name It We Got It !

  • At Candyman's Candyland we raise money and do fundraiser to give to the schools and churchs in our community. We want our kids in our community to have a better,saver,nicer environment than most of us did.

Come and enjoy a sugar rush of delicousness

we are open 7 days a week!
  • Monday-Friday 10am-7:30pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 12am-6pm

We are not responsible for any medical issues and you must pay for anything broken!

Directions to get there !

from brenham it's less than 10 miles away.

go down highway 290 North and go down Westhill Parkway and its a huge candyshop on the left you CAN'T miss it !