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Supporting Students and Families Through the Extended School Closure (as of 3-27-2020)

Dear TPS Community,

WOW!...what a difference a week can make!

With the new announcement of extending the closing of our schools, now through May 4, 2020, we can imagine the mixed emotion this news brings to you and your children; as we are all feeling the same. While we all know that this is a health crisis and not an education crisis, the impact this pandemic is taking on families and school communities everywhere is immense.

In planning for this extended closure, we are taking guidance from DESE related to a new remote learning shift. This shift cannot happen overnight for schools and for families. You, in fact, have seen how difficult it is to organize a schedule of rich learning activities at home while juggling your own work and other family needs and responsibilities. Our plan in this shift is to provide equity and opportunities for success for all (students, families, and staff) as we try to do this remotely. To make our thinking transparent to everyone, please see below for the list of tasks we plan to undertake next week and beyond. Details and logistics for each of the planned tasks will be thought out and communicated with the related groups as we get there.

As you look at this week’s District Newsletter, you will see some relevant updates to the Enrichment Docs, the Student & Family Supports, and the FAQ’s, as some of those details have changed. Once again, if you are having difficulty accessing the resources in this newsletter, please contact your building principal or me at we have repeated often, this plan may change as this situation is ever so fluid, so thank you again and again for your patience and resiliency.

Be well,

Brenda Theriault-Regan, Assistant Superintendent

Together with all the dedicated members of the TPS District Leadership Team

1. COMPREHENSIVE PLANNING: March 27 - April 6, 2020
  • Continue the enrichment learning mode

  • Communicate and clarify the new DESE guidelines regarding remote learning

  • Continue to provide teachers with appropriate technology devices for remote learning

  • Assess student device needs and a safe process for acquiring the limited District devices

  • Continue to provide teachers with remote learning training as needed (i.e. Google Class)

  • Develop (draft) schedules and structures that flexibly meet both teachers and families abilities to access instructional resources together and that can provide students with appropriate feedback

  • Develop focus areas and lessons for all grade-levels’ remote student learning

2. BEGIN the SHIFT: April 7 - April 10, 2020
  • Communicate remote learning structures to all

  • Begin implementation of remote learning structures to maintain and enrich standards-based learning goals

  • Consider practicing teacher/student virtual sessions as appropriate

  • Adapt and assess as needed

  • Rinse & Repeat… :)


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