Religions and beliefs

By Nick Hill

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Hinduism beliefs and practices

The Hindus were made in India by the Arrians and what the Arrians did were make this caste system where all the native Indians were on the bottom getting no respect and having all the worst jobs but that didn't really matter cause as long as you were good and nice you might be able to move up in the caste in your next life cause the Hindus believe in reincarnation and with reincarnation the more good karma you have the more you'll be moved up into the caste but you wouldn't have good karma if you didn't follow drama there set of rules and if you had the perfect life where you lived and followed every rule and was the nicest person you would be able to go to moksha
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Buddhism beliefs and practices

Buddhism is a peaceful religion founded in India by Siddhartha Gautama he practiced and taught people this thing called the eightfold path and they believe in reincarnation and there final resting place is nirvana they have no holy book and it is not technically considered a religion but a belief system and it focuses of resisting evil not hurting others working for the good of others
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Confucianism beliefs and practices

Confucius was a teacher of peace it was not a religious thing he taught but a way of peace and to respect others his teachings taught a lot of people that violence wasn't the way and he stopped a war he practice taught people to respect elders his sayings meant a lot to people they respected him and spread his learning throughout China
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Judaism beliefs and practices

The Jews were a very religious group of only because they were thought to be the first to have an arrangement with God some of the great leaders who followed this religion was Abraham and Moses the story of Abraham is God told him to take his son to the top of a mountain and kill him to gain the trust of God and whatever else they wanted but Abraham didn't kill him cause God said no it was just a test don't kill him and Moses was and adopted son to the daughter of a pharaoh and when he found out that he was Jewish he went out and asked God for help to free the Jews and it worked and they left the pharaohs land but the pharaoh chased him and then Moses parted the Red Sea to get the Jews across and killed the pharaoh and his men by putting the sea back together