Weekly 4th Grade Update

What's going on in Ms. Russell's Class!

What have we been learning?

We have had a great first couple of weeks of school! We have been learning a lot about Native Americans and how different their culture was once they migrated to America! We have been learning about different environments to live in during science, like swamps and rivers and streams. It has been great because it connects with our Native Americans unit!

In math we have been working on arrays. I have let the students know that there will be a quiz coming up very soon! The best way to study for math is by practicing. During reading groups, we have started learning about inferences and how to make inferences in the text. This week we will continue to learn about these things and more.

Homework for this week:

Math: math 4 Today sheet, common core aligned

Reading: Thunk sheet

Land Bridge Quiz

I was very pleased with the grades for the first quiz the students have taken in fourth grade. Students who need a reassessment will be assessed this coming Friday.