Birth & Family

Robert's wife's name is Mary Custis there kids name's were Rooney & Rob.4 daughters (Mary,Annie,Agnes and Minder) He was born on Jan 19 ,1807.He was born at stratford hall, Virginia.
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Robert E. Lee - Mini Biography

Childhood & Education

Robert E. Lee atended at school in Eastern view. Robert got a education. He was at the top of his class.

Collage & Carier

After graduating he joined the army corps of Engines where he would help build forts and bridges for the Army. Robert got rid of his nickname because it was Granny Lee.

Accomplshments & Leadership

He was a leading confederate general Lee commanded during many Civil War Battles including the battle of the Gettysburg. In the Mexican American war General winfield Scott said that Lee was the best solider that he has ever seen in war.

Why I think Robert is a Leader

Robert was a good commander because he lead in the Civil War. People thought he was a good solider.