Egg drop project


Our Ideas

My partner and I attempted to solve our egg drop project by developing ideas on how we were going to make THE EGG. We did this by making some contraptions and chose the best one. One of our ideas was to fold the cardboard around the egg. We also put cotton balls and packing peanuts around the egg in the cardboard. Then we put our two cups on the ends of the cardboard to keep everything in. We thought that this idea was going to be too heavy. We had to make new ideas. So we brainstormed some new ideas.


Our new idea had a egg in two cups with cotton balls and packing peanuts inside. We then had our plastic bag and paper for a parachute. We soon found out that the paper folded up when we dropped it so we made a frame using Popsicle sticks.


Some adjustments we made to THE EGG were putting a q-tip on the bottom of the paper to make it stay on the string.

Why did we chose this method?

We chose this method because the parachute was supposed to catch the air and slow down the egg.

So how good was THE EGG?

Then it was the drop day, and my partner and I had our doubts about our contraption. But somehow, someway, our egg made it. Some of our contraption did not.

What would I do, If I did this again?

If I would do this again, I would've done our cardboard idea.