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What is #FutureLeaders?

#FutureLeaders is an initiative to expand on our success presenting a sustainable leadership model to our clients (such as the University of Connecticut, Cornell and Texas A&M) by bringing that model to the next generation of leaders: elementary, high school, and college students.

Since 2010, we at GIVE Leadership Institute have been focused on providing our clients in business and academia with hands-on coaching in sustainable leadership and practical applications for issues such as lack of employee engagement and workplace bullying that impact the “Triple Bottom Line” of “People, Profit & Planet."

In recent months, GIVE has successfully applied these principles and methods to teach students what it means to lead past the negativity bias, maintain harmony, establish trust and manage conflict within teams. The overwhelming response of students, parents and teachers has inspired us to make the needs of future leaders a top priority for GIVE.

#FutureLeaders is the first step in providing a generation of youth with a framework of time-tested organizational tools that challenge the status quo among managers and supervisors in our society (plagued by bullying, negative bias and employee disengagement) and help leaders and their teams accomplish their objectives, while continuously leveraging the natural talents of all team members in an environment of trust and safety.

The Problem

We wait too long to train our leaders! On average, managers first get leadership training at age 42 - 10 years after they begin supervising people. (Zenger/Folkman)

When we do train them, we do it wrong! "The answer to the leadership training problem is to scrap it in favor of development. Don't train leaders - coach them, mentor them, develop them, but please don't attempt to train them." (Forbes)

"...development strives to call out the unique and differentiate by shattering the status quo." (Forbes)

Without leadership development, the status quo too often includes bullying! "Between 35% and 50% of workers have been bullied or otherwise abused in the workplace at some point in their careers." (BLR®—Business & Legal Resource)

Due to poor leadership, an estimated 23 million workers are actively disengaged! Actively disengaged employees cost our economy up to $350 billion per year in lost productivity including absence, illness and other problems. (Gallup)

The Solution

Partner with schools and universities to start developing leaders ASAP!

Teach students how to think differently about leadership. Let's teach them how to use authority and popularity to help, motivate and engage others.

The Solution is YOU!

With your help, we can continue the journey of bringing leadership education to schools, colleges and universities everywhere.

Your donations will allow us to develop future leaders at no cost to the schools they attend!

#FutureLeaders QT4

#FutureLeaders Winter Tour

During the month of December our Founder, Al Gonzalez, will be in Florida presenting our Leadership Curriculum.

You can partner with us to sponsor a half-day session at 2 local schools or organizations of your choice.

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Amy Melendez
Operations Manager