Working Harder to be Smarter!

Action Based Homework

Your Brain Likes to Exercise

Did you know that exercise affects the brain? Exercise can make you healthier, happier, and even smarter. For students, the recommended amount of time for exercise is 60 minutes a day. Some students are able to get 20-30 minutes a day in with recess or P.E. But where are you going to fit in the rest of the time? We would like to show you some ways to sneak in exercise with the homework that the students already have to do. Any exercise or movement that you can incorporate into a child's daily life is beneficial. Memory retention and recall dramatically improve when movement is added. Being physically fit and active prepares the brain for learning by balancing brain chemicals that can improve cognition. We can boost the brain function by exercising.The students will not only finish their homework, get in the remainder of the exercise that is recommended, but also retain more of the information that has been learned. Let us show you how to work harder to be smarter!