Ecology unit project

by darrius beal, Anthony Jaimes, Joe Najera

poultry farm

there are over 5,000 chickens that are on the land.Chickens are used for there meat and there eggs for food. they keep them in a big chicken house were there packed up on each other. the climate is normal. there is lots of land for them to roam around. And if we did not have the chicken then its predator would have to change its diet and would have to find somthing eles to eat. And when it dies and it brakes down in to the soil and give the plant what it needs and makes the soil richer. And it works as a community with all the animals in its area

Fod chain using chicken

This is a food chain of the chicken and how it works and what it eats. And it gose on and on

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Poultry Farming Advancements - America's Heartland