Elementary Ed Tech Update

October 2019

What is a witchโ€™s favorite subject in school?


"Summer has come and passed..." September, and finally summer with it, is over and now we can Fall into our routines. This October, let's find ways that we can knock your lessons out of the park (LET'S GO ASTROS!) with Ed Tech! As always, we hope you'll take the time to read about what's going on regarding Ed Tech in Pearland ISD! Please let your ETS know if we can assist you with your Technology Integration!

Save the Date!

Call for Presenters for January 6-7 PD Days: Through the Looking Glass

Teachers, we are excited to offer an opportunity for you to present a topic you know really well to your fellow PISD teachers! As ETSs, we see incredible uses of technology on campus, and other teachers need to see it too! You have a lot to offer your fellow teachers on your campus, or a campus across town! Possible topics could be something as simple as a) how you incorporate iPads into your curriculum, b) how you use Seesaw (or other apps) with your students, c) tech-based station ideas, or any other techy topic you want to showcase!

January 6, 2020 โ€“ Junior High and High School Teachers

January 7, 2020 โ€“ Elementary and Middle School Teachers

Conference Theme: "Through the Looking Glass"

Presentation times/sessions: 4 sessions, each 75 minutes in length

This gives you fifty minutes to give your presentation and let attendees practice, plus an additional 20 minutes for Q&A if teachers decide to stay, or they can use that time to visit the Tech Playground.

The Call for Presenters ends November 1, 2019

Use this link to sign up now, and share your knowledge and experience!


EdTech Spotlight

New Tablets

We hope you've been enjoying your new tablets! Don't forget that you can easily detach the keyboard, slip your hand in the strap, and teach away amongst the students. If you want to control the screen, but don't want to be tied to your teacher computer, connect your projector to your screen beam. Here's an example of Mrs. Pool helping a student, while still monitoring her whole class' progress on her tablet!

Big picture

Windows 10 Tips

Dark Theme

Windows 10 allows you to change your Color Theme to Dark Mode!! Watch the video below to see how to customize your color settings!!
Dark Theme

Catch the Wakelet Wave! ๐ŸŒŠ

Wakelet is an incredible, FREE platform for organizing and curating content! It's perfect for the classroom - which is why it has been wrapped in praise from educators all over the world! To get started, just go to https://wakelet.com, click to join, then click Sign in with Microsoft! Then, check out these 10 ways to use Wakelet in your classroom!

Adapted from: https://blog.wakelet.com/2019/08/13/back-to-school/

1. Create a โ€˜Meet the Teacherโ€™ collection

2. Create a lesson for students to follow (like a hyperdoc)

3. Create a collaborative collection with your class (even without student accounts)

4. Create a digital storytelling assignment

5. Create your first newsletter to send to parents

6. Create a Wakelet collection of your top 10 student resources

7. Create a collaborative Class Introduction collection using Flipgrid

8. Create a Wakelet collection of your top 10 educators to follow

9. Create a collection of YouTube videos to help parents at home

10. Create a collection of your favorite EdTech tools to share with your community

Cyber Savvy Tips

Topic of the Month: What is Digital Citizenship?

Each Monday starting this month there will be an announcement about digital citizenship to students. Keywords for this month are "Digital Citizenship," "Internet," and "Netiquette."

Digital Citizen - being part of a group of people that use technology to communicate.

Internet - a communications system that connects computers and databases all over the world.

Netiquette - the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet.

October 14-18, 2019 is also Digital Citizenship Week. We will highlight digital citizenship and safety this week with lessons in the computer lab and also will provide you with our 5 part newsletter series (topics: What is it?, Cyberbullying and Digital Etiquette, Privacy, Digital Footprints, and general tips.)

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