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Steps Involved In Backwashing a DE Pool Filter

Diatomaceous earth or DE pool filters are different from sand filters. DE filters have some special elements that have been loaded with diatomaceous earth powder, which traps tiny particles of dirt and debris at the time of filtration. As you start the filter of your swimming pool for the very first time, you will notice a “clean” reading on the filter pressure gauge. If these reading raises to 8 lbs and above PSI (per square inch) over clean reading, it’s time to consider backwash Manchester for your pool filter. For more information visit Support Center.

Steps Involved

There are several steps involved in backwashing the DE pool filter, which goes as follows:

  • The DE filter of your pool has to be turned off. The multiport handle has to be turned to “backwash.” If there is a slide handle, you must pull it up. This brings it to the backwash” position on slide handle.
  • In the next step, you have to roll out one backwash hose that is located right at the bottom of your pump. You must turn the DE filter on. You have to run it till the time the water in the visible glass runs crystal clear or till the time the water that is coming out of the hose is clean. Now, you must turn the filter off.
  • There is a multiport handle, which has to be turned to “Rinse.” Now, turn on your pool pump and allow it to run until water starts coming out of the hose and its clear or till the time the water seen on the sight glass appears clear.
  • The slide handle should be pushed down and locked in place. This indicates “Filter” position. The multiport handle should be turned to “Filter” and the pump has to be turned on too.