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Week of October 29 "The Greatest School on Earth"


85% of our staff vote....we wear jeans in December! Make your voice heard at the polls!

Early Voting : October 22 - November 2

Election Day: November 6

PTHS Soccer Team Exercising with Primary Students

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This Week:


Parent Teacher Conferences, student holiday, 180 contract holiday, nurse and receptionist holiday. Make your own 8 hr schedule and give yourself a lunch


Ecoland: PreK,Smith, Kraus, Crockett, Chrisman and Hall


Halloween dress up! Park at Auditorium. Character Parade @ 2:00. Remember have parent sign out sheet and sticker (green) on students once they have signed out


Kindergarten Opera Field Trip (attendance rosters for that morning)


Kindergarten District Pep-Rally to Pirate Stadium (attendance rosters for that morning)

Kindergarten complete CLI spelling and enter into CLI for Wave 1

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Sunshine Budget

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Primary Friends!

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Curriculum Corner


Melton and Mosley

What is it?

A time to teach the craft of writing to our kids, let them practice independently, confer or meet with small groups, then share.


Melton: 8:45-9:00

Mosley: Daily in the morning

How long?

Melton: 15 minutes

Mosley: I give myself 30 mins. 10 for mini lesson, 15-20 for getting ready to write and writing and cleaning, 10 for sharing

Teacher does

Melton: Mini-lesson modeling thinking through and writing a story, conferring with writers as they work on their own at the table (taking notes) and then facilitate sharing (who shares, etc)

Mosley:Mini lesson, then small group conferring while others write. I see a table of kids a day. Those are typically the kids that share with 2 stars and 1 wish.(I had to teach this and I modeled this for some time but now they know to not just talk about drawing.)

Students do

Melton: Help teacher remember the parts of the story, after teacher's story is finished, the students turn and talk about their story and then go to their tables to write 3-part stories

Mosley: Think, draw, label, write......... daily

Helpful Tips

Melton: Remind students daily of the expectations during writer's workshop time. I have their writing paper waiting for them on the tables, they know when I send them off they go straight to work. I also started from day 1. This is our routine now.

Mosley: I like to do it early in day if possible.I turn off lights and play music. I taught them that the music was (and is) classical music so they can think better and when it plays this is author time so no talking, no water, no bathroom (unless your desperate bc they can hold it while in centers 20 min so they can hold it 15 in writing time) I have 4 lamps and Christmas lights around my board for writing lighting. I am old school I was initially worried about writing in a darker room but NOW I prefer it and the children have adapted well. They get quiet and stay focused better with lights off and music!!

Watch Melton

Mini Lesson, Independent Writing/Conferring, Share, Independent 1, 2, 3, 4

Watch Mosley

Mini Lesson, Table Conferences, Conferring Page. Independent 1, 2, 3, 4