the local nights venue opening

help us out on opening a new laredo music venue!

what local nights is all about

i've been thinking a lot about opening a venue here in Laredo and at this point i need all the help i need to get this organization started , ill be fundraising and accepting any valuable or money wise donation for this venue. if you feel like YOU can do something to help us out like spreading the word about this idea, you will be more than welcome to sell and fund-raise for us ,ill be posting my number at the bottom of this page for any questions or volunteer work , this venue will get all the local scene supporters and bands out of the hot sun and crappy stages we need a venue with nice cool a.c and a stage where the bands will be the main focus and have that great experience that a band with great music should have . as we all know Laredo isn't the most exciting place in the world so this will be an advantage for your weekend ,if you have nothing to do then head over to the music scene .
business work phone (210)884-3876
thank you <3