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APRIL 23, 2021 - Week 32

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Don't Take It Personally!

When adolescence hits, there are many times it can be a bumpy ride for parents to navigate. We see some new behaviors, our kids push their limits, and sometimes they are downright naughty. But I would encourage you not to take it personally! These changes, though sometimes painful, are a normal part of moving from adolescence to adulthood. When we see negative behaviors, it is important to use this opportunity to re-teach your expectations and give them appropriate consequences.

As we work with parents whose child may be struggling, I encourage them not to take their child's behaviors personally. A middle-schooler acting inappropriately does not reflect on their parents or family... it only reflects on their own behavior, decision-making, or current state of mind. When we, as parents, can take a step back and remember that our child is not acting this way to torture us (though it certainly may feel that way!), we are often able to be more patient and reflective as we help them to reset their compass and head back in the right direction.

Enjoy your weekend!


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Wearing Masks at WMS

As we have seen a community increase in Covid transmission, I want to remind our students and parents about the importance of wearing masks at WMS. It is our district's expectation that students follow the guideline of wearing a mask at school unless they are eating or drinking. Most of our students do exceptionally well, but we have a small group who are pushing this issue.We will remind them three times. The next time they will have a few office detentions. After that, we will move to Building Supervised Study (in-building suspension) and Out of School Suspension. Data has clearly shown us that wearing masks reduces the transmission of Covid, and that must be a primary goal for us.

Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR) at Wredling

Just a reminder that Wredling students will be taking IAR assessments on April 27th, 28th, and 29th. Students will take one test in the morning and one test after lunch each day. To accommodate testing, both Thompson and Wredling will be running the same alternative schedule during these assessment days. The District Assessment and Accountability department has plans in place for remote student IAR assessments on those same days.

In Person IAR Letter
Remote Student IAR Letter/Sign Up

Please make sure your child is well-rested, has a good breakfast, and is on time to school for testing on these dates. This will help set them up for success as they take these tests. They will need to bring the following items to school with them for each day of testing:

  • Chromebook FULLY charged and ready to go

  • Earbuds - (check to ensure they are working, please)

  • SSR Book (Hard Copy)

  • Writing Utensil

Note: If you have questions regarding IAR testing for remote students, please contact David Chiszar, Director of Assessment & Accountability, at (331) 228-4911.

Attention 8th Grade Parents:

If your child was assigned to our Remote Academy at any time this year, we would like your RedHawk 8th grade to be in our End-of-the-Year video! If you would like that too, please send a photo of your 8th grader, preferably at their work station (if that makes sense) to meghan.cannon@d303.org.

Please include your child's name in the subject of the email. (ex: Fred Jones 8th Grade Photo)

8th Grade Celebration Update

We are excited as we celebrate our 8th graders as they move to high school. We will send specific details closer to the date. Here are our tentative plans:

  • 8th-grade yard signs for all students (see sample photo)

  • A lunch and treats provided by our WMS PTO

  • The debut of our 8th-grade awards video

  • Yearbook signing with classmates.

We are working with our PTO and 8th-grade teachers to make this day as fun as possible while still maintaining social distance.

Track Meet Spectators - Guidelines for Parents

The Wredling Athletic Department is asking parents of track athletes to follow the guidelines below to help align with IDPH and prevent the spread of the COVID-19. These are the guidelines that all schools in the athletic conference are following in order to maintain consistency and fairness.

  • Home meets: We are encouraging no more than two spectators per family.

  • Away meets: Parents are asked to not attend away track meets this season. In accordance with this, we are asking that athletes be picked up upon arrival back at Thompson.

Spectators must maintain 6 feet social distancing when possible; masks are required. Any questions or concerns should be emailed to the Wredling Athletic Director, Scott Nold (scott.nold@d303.org). We are looking forward to our track meets this season!

RedHawk Families:

Hello families, we are looking for donations. Please help us celebrate our staff during the week of May 3-May 7th. The Staff Appreciation Committee is asking for donations as we prepare a Breakfast Bar, Sandwich Luncheon, and Treat Day for all of our staff recognizing the hard work they have put into this school year! Items needed can be found on our Genius Sign Up, https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c4cafac2fa6fa7-staff3

Jennifer & Leslee

Staff Appreciation Committee

PTO Volunteer Opportunities

Wredling relies on the PTO for many things each year. We all know that many hands make the workload easier so won't your consider volunteering to help in some capacity? We are looking forward to some great things for the next school year!
  • CLICK HERE to see the current openings and committee descriptions. Each committee is listed along with a description of what the job entails.
  • CLICK HERE to complete the PTO Volunteer Form

5 Reminders for After School Pick Up

Just a reminder to parents...

  1. You need to pick up kids at the Norris Center parking lot after school, not off the Dunham Road driveway, Kirk Rd, or Fox Chase Blvd roadways.

  2. Go slowly and be aware of all students and cars in the lots, crossing the roadways.

  3. You need to pull into a parking space in the Norris lot.

  4. Please follow all posted signs and arrows.

  5. Parents may NOT pick-up students from our back parking lot without permission from Mr. Loversky (ex. due to injury). They will receive a pass for this purpose. We have too many smaller buses trying to pick up students from this area.

Thank you,


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Remote Academy Learning Resources

Welcome to remote learning! Remember that remote students have classes every day. Below are resources for our full remote learners:

You can check the attendance for any of your students at any time by logging into the Home Access Center and clicking on the attendance tab to view. Toggle between students using the arrow in the upper right hand corner.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the main office at (331) 228-3100! We are here to help!

Revised Calendar 2021-2022; Approved Calendar 2022-2023

The Board of Education revised the District 2021-2022 calendar and approved the 2022-2023 calendar at Monday night's meeting. The changes in the calendar for next year are that the institute day that was previously scheduled for February 25 is now scheduled for March 4 and the former half-day parent conference in the spring for PreK-5 is now a regular day of school. The institute day was moved by the county since the D303 calendar was first adopted. Here is a link to those calendars.
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Help Wanted:

Are you interested in working a few hours per day? Only when students are in the building? The WMS lunchroom is looking for lunch supervisors. Hours 10:45-2:00 pm when school is in session.

Contact Patricia Burton at patricia.burton@d303.org or call her at 331-228-5242 for more details.

Chromebook Device Exchange

If you need assistance with a broken device, please contact the live chat service during business hours or visit the IT Technical Resources site for information.

The IT device exchange takes place at the Haines building (305 South 9th Street), Door #2, between 12:00 - 4:00 pm Monday - Friday. You do not need to make an appointment.
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Student Council

Attention 8th Graders interested in St. Charles East High School Student Council. Applications for STCE HS Student Council are posted in the 8th grade Hub and are to be done online this year. Applications are due Friday, April 23rd. If you have questions, email Mrs. Hagedorn or Mr. Schilb.

CLICK HERE for the application

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Tap Into Education!

The Greater St. Charles Education Foundation has partnered with Pollyanna Brewing Company for a safe but fun afternoon of music, food, drinks and raising money on Saturday, May 1st for our D303 teachers and students. They would love for you to join them! Tickets available here: https://www.stcedfoundation.org/ or scan the QR code for more info.

Creative Writing Awards

The AAUW Batavia-Geneva-St. Charles branch continues its tradition of encouraging and honoring aspiring young writers through its Creative Writing Contest. This year they celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the contest. Their judges read every entry carefully and find it rewarding to see that many young people still take time to seek self-expression through writing. They would like to thank all the teachers and parents for supporting their children’s interest in writing.

Wredling students receiving Honorable Mention recognition are:

  • Thomas Howe for his 7th Grade Poetry submission, "I Had to Write"

  • Lauren Martin for her 6th Grade Poetry submission, "The Words of Mother Nature"


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