Tuesday's Technology Bytes

Edition #13

The link below was posted in November, 2011. HOWEVER, MANY of the 100 Web 2.0 tools are ones that were presented on and mentioned and tweeted, and the list goes on...at the AMLE2014 Conference I attended last week. I have witnessed several of these tools in use in SRES classrooms as well. (You will notice a few of these tools on the list twice...) I challenge you to take a look at the list and see how many of the 100 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools you know and/or have used in your classroom! Two of my personal favorites are: Animoto and Tagxedo. I want to learn more about Classdojo! If you have more than one Twitter account, Tweetdeck is AMAZING! I hope you will share your personal favorites with me!
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Lately, I have been discussing next year's K-2 1:1 pilot with primary grades teachers. I have located a PHENOMENAL and updated resource below! Using the following link will be helpful for grades K-2 teachers. This link allows you to dig deep and deeper into apps, best practice, and the like. I particularly enjoyed the YouTube clip of kindergartners at Park Tudor. Kids are like sponges! So fun to watch them learn and soak it all up!

Amy Linkel

Amy Linkel is Assistant Principal at South Ripley Elementary School, in Versailles, IN. Prior to beginning in administration in 2006, Amy taught 5th grade at SRES. Amy is passionate about kids, education, family, technology, and leadership. #SouthRipley

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