3rd Six weeks overview

Ms. Nowell ---- 3rd period

Sensory language.

The fragrance of salt burned my nostrils. -smell

As I walk the sand burned my feet. -feel

The ocean was a bright blue that sparkled. -sight

Lemonade cooled my taste buds on that hot day. -taste

The loud waves crashed one after one. -sound


She began to talk more and more none stop as I began to get frustrated. -mad

Then out of no where my friend saved me just when didn't think it would stop, I was cheerful. -happy

As I was beginning to start a conversation she said she had to leave which make me gloomy. -sad

Plot development.

  1. Exposition/introduction -where character are introduced and the setting is made.
  2. Rising action -climbing to the climax where twist and turns happen.
  3. Climax - this is highest point of intense points, where the conflict is solved.
  4. Falling action - after the climax when the problem/conflict is resolved.
  5. Resolution -where everything is coming to an end.
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Character development.

Describing a character by looks, personality, or emotions to others. Also the reader learns more about them as they go on threw the story.


Location in which where the story takes place and makes the mood.
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Hook statement~ The first one or two sentences to grab the reader's attention and make them want to keep reading
OUTLINES~ Where you lay out you story in group of how the story goes to make it easier to write.