The Homeless

Chloe Kim

Let's help!

Over billions of people are homeless each year. Most of them being children. I think we should help them out and show them kindness. I think helping people out is important because since most of those are children, and they need help. They might not be able to get jobs and so they need donations. Even adults who might be homeless need help from us too. This is important because people who are unfortunate might not be able to get a job and couldn't afford needs that they need. Since they might not have a warm place to stay or warm clothes to keep them warm, they might get ill and won't be able to afford medicine bills. If you help these homeless people, you would be doing so much to help people and showing great kindness by donating the smallest things. Maybe some of us can't afford a lot of things our self, but we do have a roof over our heads and clothes to keep us warm, so some canned food or old clothes that might not fit you anymore, you can easily donate that too. If you help , those people that gets donations from you will be greatful and you would feel better by knowing that maybe you just saved a life.

Let's start saving life's NOW!

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